Foil Epee Sabre in Calgary

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Gladiators Fencing Club

Gladiators Fencing Club in Southwest Calgary, Alberta.

Alberta Fencing Association

Upgrade your membership to a competitive license here. Register online for fencing tournaments in Alberta.

        AFA tournaments

Don’t forget to check the Club and Municipal competitions menus.

Canadian Fencing Federation

News about Canada’s national teams, Information about national level competitions, national team selection and rankings.

Youtube Fencing

International Fencing Federation video footage including live streaming of Zone Championships and World Championships. Also has vast catalogue of footage  from World Cup posts from the referee’s video replay system.

USA Fencing

United States Fencing Federation.

Ask Fred

Fencing registration and events database for competitions and events all over North America.

Okotoks Fencing

Fencing Club in Okotoks, Alberta.