Foil Epee Sabre in Calgary
  • What equipment do I need for AFA competitions?
    The club does not typically supply equipment for competitions at the Provincial level.
    In some circumstances, the club may be able to lend some equipment to fencers attending an AFA competition.

    What you need
    • Mask
      • Foil events in categories Cadet and older require the electric bib
    • Glove
    • Breeches
    • Fencing jacket
    • plastron (under arm protector)
      • Females - chest guard
      • Males - OPTIONAL: chest guard
    • long socks
    • 2 weapons (min. 2 according to the rules)
    • 2 body wires
    • 2 mask wires ( for sabre and u17 and older foil events only)
    • lamé (foil and sabre only)

    A repair kit for your weapon is highly recommended

    **more experienced athletes and athletes over 15 yrs old competing in Cadet, Junior and Senior events should have 3 working weapons when you arrive at the competition piste.

    Purchasing notes
    Buy clothing with a certification of 350N (CE Level 1) or better. (this is the min. required at a National Level and Alberta Fencing Association Circuit events)

    Masks should have a certification of 350N min, but
    for fencers 14 yrs old and older, masks rated FIE 1600N are recommended. (This is the standard for FIE international events).